Hi, I am Kavin!

Trained as a designer, practising as an educator and researcher, I am constantly on look out for opportunities to exercise my design and thinking skills. During my time as a Fellow at Teach for India, I co-led the Platform 10 project as a researcher, created an art space for 8th graders, and worked on holistic learning for children through focus on literacy, art, socio-emotional learning and environmental education. I have worked in the education sector across roles as a teacher, toy and game designer, graphic designer and curriculum designer. To me the focus of design is the user and the process, to make things simpler and more fulfilling for the person experiencing it.

My skill lies in user research, observation and co-creating with others. Being able to go through the entire process and then reflect on it gives me a sense of fulfilment.

When I am not working you will find me reading a book, taking a walk or creating something hands-on.

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